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We are an interdisciplinary team of experts in interactive sound design and audio software development. We share a passion for everything sound.


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What does a brand sound like? And which brand values should a specific sound convey? When we design a product’s sound, we always look for creative answers to these questions. From a brand specific sound composition, we carefully extract what the sound should communicate to the listener. We specialize in interactive sounds that react to users and their surroundings. That way the message isn't simply heard, but truly comes to life.

We offer interactive sound solutions for a diverse range of products and brands in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. This includes transforming brand values into sound, implementing software for DSPs and control units, as well as hardware integaration and fine-tuning of physical prototypes. By using an iterative design process, we are able to guide our clients from the initial idea all the way to the finished product.


Where are the technological boundaries to creating music and sound? And how can we push them? When we develop tools for the creation of sound and music, we listen carefully to everyone involved. Our ultimate goal is to transform acoustic or musical concepts into inspiring products through a collaborative and creative effort. No matter how ambitious the idea, we are commited to making it come to life.

We focus on the development of algorithms, plug-ins and applications for the analysis, processing and synthesis of real-time audio signals. Based on abstract concepts, we develop tailor-made solutions ranging from algorithmic prototypes and DSP implementations to complete applications for our clients. A perfect sound and efficient algorithms are as important to us as the quality of the development process.



Automotive Sound Design

Using in-house developed tools, we have been creating synthetic engine sounds for internal combustion engines and electric motors as well as innovative acoustic information and warning sounds for years. Our sound design forms an integral part of the driving experience and safety in e-mobility and automated driving. Learn More

Product Sound Design

We accompany our clients in an iterative design process – from the acoustic realization of brand values to interactive product sound. With many years of experience, our own design processes, and the latest in audio and measurement technology, we provide comprehensive solutions all the way up to the implementation and fine tuning at the product level.

Sound Design-Tool Development

We develop interactive sound design tools that seamlessly integrate into the existing design processes of our clients. In doing so, we place great emphasis on an intuitive graphical user interface that enables the designers using the tools to focus on what is essential: the creation of sound.

Audio Signal Processing

From classic PC and DSP platforms to highly integrated mobile devices and micro-controllers – we develop and implement customized and optimized algorithms for digital audio signal processing in real-time. Our focus lies on both the sound experience and the efficient use of hardware resources.

Software Development

Whether as mobile app for iOS and Android, audio plugin or cross-platform music application – we develop suitable applications for DSP algorithms. Intuitive and elegant user interaction is as important to us as the documentation and quality assurance of the development process.

Hardware Prototyping

Geared towards the specific needs of our clients, we compile selected hardware components from DSP platforms to speakers and make them work together flawlessly. We also provide individual solutions by drafting and producing single components using rapid prototyping.

Measurements and Recordings

Even if it is the ear that in the end decides subjectively on a sound – we have the technology and experience to take objective measurements. This includes classical acoustic measurements such as impulse response analysis as well as specific measurements and recordings in the field of automotive engineering.

Consultancy and Procurement

We help our clients choose the right audio components or acoustic measurement technology for their work place by providing competent consultancy and procurement advice. We also offer objective measurements or listening tests in order to find the ideal device for the intended use.

Expression System

The Expression System for Audio Weaver is a 3rd party module designed for real-time processing of control signal data. It employs a simple string-based structure that can be edited in a language-like manner and features fundamental C-like mathematical operations.

The system boasts low CPU usage and is both memory and thread safe, with the ability to be modified at runtime.

Learn More

EVx Suite

EVx Suite is a usability-first solution for the rapid design, tuning and integration of premium EV Driving Sounds and AVAS.

EVx Suite is available as a Desktop application for Windows and Mac, whereas EVx Drive is available as static library and Audioweaver Module.

Learn More




Management, Software Development, Signal Processing

“The boundaries between acoustics, design and software are about to vanish. Technological progress enables us to create entirely new solutions. This change has only just begun, and the years ahead will be exciting.”


Design Strategy, Business Development, Marketing

“I‘m fascinated by the influence that sounds have on us – in particular when they are able to react and adapt, when we allow them to communicate with us and thus establish a more meaningful and powerful connection between us and the technology we use.”


Audio Software Development, Sound Synthesis & Prototyping

"The world is revealed to us every day in various sounds and noises. We filter this input and derive from it a universal language whose semantics are understood worldwide. Embedded in rhythmically organized structures instead, these sounds become music. This area of tension between communication and art is a fascinating terrain open for wonderful experiments."


Interactive Sound Design, Creative Coding & Prototyping

"The process of sharing visions and ideas, developing them and eventually making them into reality is inspiring to me: What arises as thought can be explained and spread by language and finally manifested as a perceptible and emotional experience. The challenge of finding the right sonic expression of an abstract concept is what truly excites me."


Business Administration

"My strong affinity towards sound and sound design, especially in the automotive field, makes my work at IAL exciting and interesting every day. As a business administrator in a highly specialized creative team, I am responsible for all back-office processes."


Interactive Sound Design, AVAS Development, Audio Measurements

Sound is everywhere and affects our lives at all times. Technological progress enables us to actively shape the soundscapes of the future. My work allows me to combine my passion for everything that sounds with my fascination for novel mobility.


Interactive Sound Design, Audio Branding, Audio Measurements

"By giving meaning to sound, it becomes communication. Shaping its inherent characteristic alters its essence and transforms the purpose it transmits to the listener. This remodelling, creating and playing with the auditory sensations of the world, utilising the latest technology, sparks my passion for designing interactive and moving sounds."


Cloud Architecture, IT Administration

"Modern design requires a modern infrastructure. IT is the foundation for efficient product development and fundamental for security in a digital company. Improving digital support processes so that everyone can focus on their vision is close to my heart. The sound worlds at Impulse Audio Lab inspire me every day."


Software Development, Embedded Signal Processing, DSP Algorithms

"Sound and opportunities for sonic interaction fascinate me. Technical and creative challenges inspire me to develop innovative solutions that enable designers to shape the future of sonic environments."


Product Strategy, Business Development, Audio Engineering

"Audio software has a great influence on the sound design process - and vice versa. That's why innovative and efficient DSP algorithms are just as important to me as good usability and smooth workflows. However, form should always follow content. Meaningful works are design-oriented at their core - because it's the sound that reaches us emotionally."


People & Culture

"Seeking the human centered perspective on organisational processes, I believe in the power of communities and collaboration. Through the nature of our work with the sensory depths of products, we’re a team highly tuned to connectedness. When it comes down to doing the right thing, our inner environment is the backbone: Evolving an adaptive culture and agile organisation based on our complementary strengths that help us move toward our vision and live our mission every single day."


Interactive Sound Design, Video & Music Production

"How would a movie like Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or Titanic feel without music? When I ask myself this question, I realize how important music is. A sound that resonates with us is able to make our whole body vibrate, change our heartbeat and trigger strong emotions. The idea of having a positive impact on the mobility and technology of the future by making it an emotional experience fascinates me!”


Interactive Sound Design, Prototyping, UX Design

"As a designer, I am fascinated by the complexity and emotional impact of sound with a solid fondness for electric vehicle sounds. Science fiction sketches an acoustic picture of the future. In my daily work at IAL, this is my inspiration to create exciting and emotional experiences.”


Software Development, DSP Algorithms

"We don't need more and more sounds, we just need better sounds. Sounds that don't distract us from the important things and pollute our sonic environment, but sounds that support us to stay focused and provide us with additional information that we won't get otherwise. Thinking about how such sounds could be created and integrating them in real-world applications is what I really enjoy here at IAL.”


Audio Software Development, Front-End Development

"Creating audio software is the pinnacle of modern software development to me. Combining efficient DSP algorithms with intuitive user interfaces that inspire and support the user is a challenge that I take on with pleasure every day.”


Interactive Sound Design, UX Concept Development

"Seeking the intersections between cutting-edge art and everyday life inspires me to create a unique user experience that we, Impulse Audio Lab, can make available to everyone."


Interactive Sound Design



“Impulse Audio Lab creates highly innovative, functional and aesthetic interactive sound solutions, pioneering in the cross-section of sound design, user interaction and technology development.”

Emar Vegt, BMW

Principal Sound Designer

“Impulse Audio Lab’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of DSP algorithm design is reflected in the quality of their work. They are an invaluable partner in the development of pro audio software.”

Andreas Eschenwecker, Vertigo Sound

Founder & CEO

“Thank you so much for all the work you completed and contributed to getting our product closer to launch. Your team has done exceptional work and working with you guys has been an absolute pleasure.”

Sagrie Govender, PACCAR

Project Lead Auditory Notices

“The collaboration with Impulse Audio Lab has set new standards! Their outstanding work and highly reliable working methods helped us release our products quickly and in the very best quality on the market.”

Reto Scheidegger, Fanpictor

Founder & COO

“Impulse Audio Lab transforms any idea into professional audio software. The creativity and technical know-how that is put into the development process is unparalleled!”

Andreas Wagner, Rebeat Innovation

Head of Software Development



As a small team with great ambition, we are always on the lookout for new talent. If you love sound and technology as much as we do, let us know!

We appreciate every application – reach out, we're excited to meet you.




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