We design and integrate signature AVAS sounds onto any kind of hard- and software platform, to meet global regulations and stick out from the crowd.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System - AVAS

After being characterized for decades by the rumbling noise of combustion engines, electric mobility is well on its way to revolutionize the sound of our urban environments. The near silence of electric vehicles comes at a cost, however: compromised safety. To protect vulnerable road users, all newly produced electric and hybrid cars in many regions around the world must be equipped with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System – AVAS in short (UNECE R138 & FMVSS 141). This exterior driving sound notifies pedestrians, cyclists, and others of an approaching electric car at low speeds up to 30 km/h.

AVAS Sound: A Crucial Part of Your Sonic Identity

Besides improving safety, an AVAS sound acts like a voice to the outside world that speaks for the brand and embodies its values. When done right, it forms an instantly recognizable and integral part of the brands’ overarching sonic identity. Achieving all of this while working within restrictive technical constraints and maintaining strict regulatory compliance is an intricate challenge, one that benefits from the support of a capable and experienced partner.

An Experienced Design Partner

With over a decade of experience in the field, our sound design company has successfully designed and integrated custom AVAS Sounds for over two dozen vehicles for some of the world’s leading automotive brands. Our services cover the entire sound design process, from conception to production integration, including all acoustical measurements to ensure legal conformity. We can work with any kind of available soft- and hardware platform, provide extensive hardware consulting and design custom software solutions from scratch.

The Sound Design Process

Designing a successful AVAS sound goes well beyond turning some knobs on an arbitrary synthesizer. By closely collaborating with designers and marketeers to form a deep understanding of a brand’s values, design language, its history, vision, and goals, we develop a unique sonic language from scratch that embodies a brand’s core from its very foundation. Using in-house developed tools to simulate car acoustics and ensure legal conformity from an early stage, we iterate often and quickly to find an optimal AVAS sound that meets and exceeds all aesthetic, functional, acoustic, and legal requirements.

IAL Sound Design Process
Our AVAS Sound Design Services
  • The entire design process of your AVAS Sound - from initial idea to finished, production-ready sound
  • Implementation on any kind of hard- and software platform
  • Hardware & AVAS speaker consulting - positioning, size, frequency response, etc.
  • Acoustical measurements to ensure legal compliance - UNECE R138 & FMVSS 141
  • Custom AVAS playback engines and DSP algorithms
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