Rich and dynamic interior driving sounds for electric vehicles - provide your customers with an outstanding user experience by adding audible emotion to the ride.

The Thrill of Driving Sound

Electric vehicles are exciting to drive: the near instantaneous throttle response and steep power curve make for a particularly dynamic driving experience. One major area, however, where electric cars lack in comparison to their combustion powered relatives is sound. While there is no doubt that near silence can be relaxing at times, there is nothing quite like a thundering V8 or screaming V10 engine sound to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing.

A Case for EV Driving Sounds

We are convinced that adding the right electric driving sound can bring back and even exceed the level of excitement and joy that any combustion engine can bring. Not by making 1-to-1 replicas, but by taking cues from the best sounds from the past and transforming them into something new, fit for the car of the future. But it’s not just about the thrill of driving: even subtle sonic feedback can lead to higher levels of driving engagement, a feeling of security and overall increased safety. And we can go even further than that: to truly wow your customers and set yourself apart from the competition, we can create fully interactive and immersive sonic experiences, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Curious? Get in touch!

Exceptional Audible User Experience

Our sound design team has years of experience designing and tuning synthetic engine sounds for some of the world’s leading automotive brands. Being right at the forefront of its development, we create advanced sonic algorithms in-house and constantly seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible, for instance by infusing engine sounds with artificial intelligence. We can work within the bounds of existing software, extend and improve its functionality or create a custom software solution from scratch. Whatever it takes to create the most dynamic and engaging active sound design and create an exceptional audible user experience for your brand.

Our EV Driving Sound Services
  • The design and tuning of your electric driving sound, from initial idea to finished, production-ready sound
  • Implementation on any kind of hard- and software platform – interior and/or exterior sound
  • Extension and improvement of existing driving sound software – add unique features, special effects, improve sound quality, tunability and sonic possibilities
  • Custom EV driving sound algorithms and playback engines
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