We develop high quality and well integrated sets of auditory notices, for improved usability, safety and a great overall product experience.

Automotive UX/UI Sounds

What once began as basic piezo tones has over the years transformed into full-fledged sonic experiences that accompany the customer throughout their journey. And as cars get ever more quiet, the importance of sonic feedback for the automotive user experience only increases. Whether it’s a touch click, a critical warning, a ringtone, or a welcome sound: a high quality and well-integrated set of interaction sounds will improve safety, usability and provide your customers with an exceptional overall product experience.

A Crucial Part of Your Sonic Identity

Designing successful chimes for the automotive industry comes with its unique challenges and involves a delicate balance between functional, aesthetic, and technical requirements. Optimal results require a comprehensive knowledge of sonic branding and a wide range of disciplines from psychoacoustics to music theory. To help you navigate this challenge and strike the right tone for your particular brand, the support of an experienced and capable sound design partner is immeasurable.

An Experienced Sound Design Partner

Over the past decade, our sound design team has built up a unique expertise in the field by creating auditory notices for some of the world’s leading automotive brands. By working closely with design and marketing departments to form a deep understanding of a brand’s values, design language, its history, vision, and goals, we will craft a uniquely fitting sonic language from scratch. From basic static sound to fully interactive experience: we are here to help you take your in-car sonic branding to the next level.

Our Automotive UX Sound Design Services
  • The entire design process of a full set of UX Sounds - from initial idea to finished, production-ready set of sounds (Notices, warnings, infotainment, driving modes, charging, ADAS sounds, app sounds and more)
  • In-Car tuning and mastering for optimal acoustic performance on a variety of speaker systems
  • Design and prototyping of innovative and interactive sound concepts – Add a level of interactivity to your in-car sounds and set yourself apart from the competition
  • Combine with custom interior driving sounds and AVAS sound for an even stronger sonic identity
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