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As a diverse team of sound designers and audio software developers, we are united by a common belief in the emotional power of sound. Sound can move, thrill, delight, and even bring you to tears. And with the rise of electric cars the opportunities and challenges for experience driven audio have only increased. Whether it is to warn, inform, excite, or remind, sound plays an increasingly pivotal role in the automotive user experience.

Our team of experts can help you to harness the power of sound for your automotive brand, whether as a basic chime or a fully interactive and immersive sonic experience. We believe in close, personal collaboration with our clients and bring ideas to life fast by combining rapid prototyping and a design driven, iterative approach. Ultimately, our goal is always the same: to provide exceptional and meaningful audible user experiences.

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  • Automotive Sound Design
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    How do you redefine the sound for a brand which is entirely built upon the iconic thunder of its combustion engine? This was exactly the challenge we faced when designing the sound for the first mass-produced, completely electric vehicle of a legendary German high-performance luxury brand.

    Over a 6-month period, we painstakingly crafted a highly dynamic and multi-layered interior and exterior driving sound from scratch. By merging progressive electrical components with cues taken from the rumble of a v8 engine, we managed to create a dark and powerful sonic identity which is somehow familiar, yet completely distinct and ready for the future.


    An outspoken British brand with a long heritage was in urgent need of an upgrade to its sonic identity in and around the car. In a particularly joyous and creative process, which spanned anything from recording professional vocalists, a wide array of exotic musical instruments, and even pioneering completely new synthesis techniques, we found a unique new voice for this iconic brand.

    Our work encompassed the design of a complete family of UX sounds including startup, various kinds of warnings, parking, charging, driving mode changes and many more, as well as foundational work on interior and exterior driving sounds (AVAS).


    How can we take automotive sound to the next level? By literally adding a whole other dimension. In collaboration with icon incar we developed a driving simulator prototype, which explored how meaningful haptic feedback can enhance the driving experience. A multitude of individually controllable haptic actuators by Woojer were meticulously placed into a driver’s seat, seat belt, and pedal set. Additionally, a custom software framework was written to translate sound into haptics, allowing precise, real-time mapping of both intensity and positioning.

    Multiple scenarios were brought to life, including custom driving sounds, safety features, haptic music and even unique massage patterns, complete with in-house composed relaxation music.

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    Why wait for the future when you can actively create it yourself? With this attitude we founded an internal research and development team back in 2019 and have been shaping the future of electric driving sound ever since.

    This ongoing hands-on research project explores how we can use artificial intelligence to adapt driving and UX sounds in real-time, to create relevant, personalized driving experiences for electric vehicles. Ready to experience a glimpse into the future? Strap in and take a ride in our groundbreaking sound concept car.

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